Abstract Submission


The abstract format must be:


Author1, Author 2 and Author 3

1 Affiliation (include institution, country and e-mail address if desired) 2 … (Affiliation of each author)


  • Abstract title: Times New Roman 14 point, bold, sentence case (capitals for proper nouns only).
  • Abstract text: Times New Roman 12 point, not exceeded 2500 characters (without spaces)  
  • Authors' names and affiliation: Times New Roman 11 point; Presenting author underlined with Email address
  • If needed you may introduce References, Tables, Figures and Acknowledgments (text: Times New Roman 11 point). For References: Use the brief numbered style common in many abstracts in numerical order in the reference list, e.g., [1], [2], etc.  Digital Formats: Any image file format that can be imported into this file will be acceptable for publication (e.g. TIFF (.tif) or GIF (.gif) files). Please use the smaller-format files whenever possible.
  • The abstract will be a one-page document.
  • Indicate the session and preferred type of participation (oral communication or poster).


Deadline: February, 6th

Please send the Abstract as a Word document to